Hospital Disinfectant

Hospital Disinfectant

Approx Price: Rs 135 / Kilogram 
Chemtex Speciality Ltd. manufactures Hospital Disinfectants which function as a multi barrier to prevent the spread of infections associated to hospitals. It causes execution of disease causing pathogens. Hospital Disinfectants are manufactured in various formulations as per the requirement of various institutions. These Hospital Disinfectants not only help to eradicate microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses or protista which cause health hazards but also inhibits the reproduction procedure of those microorganisms. Further, they are used for sterilization of treatment rooms after use, keeping machines in better shape and building clean working environment.

Chemtex manufactures a wide range of Hospital Disinfectants based on iodophores, quartenary ammonium compounds, silver hydrogen peroxides, peracetic acid, aldehydes and compounds thereof. Chemtex Speciality Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of Hospital Disinfectant product. Chemtex's greatest business vitality and strength are its technical and manufacturing knowledge and a well developed technical service team.

Benefits of Hospital Disinfectants:

  • Fresh aroma
  • Easy to use
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial

QAC Based Disinfectant

Approx Price: Rs 390 / Kilogram 
Chemtex’s QAC based Disinfectant is a broad spectrum terminal disinfectant. It is used for versatile applications for cleaning and disinfection through-out the dairy, beverage and food industry. The applications mostly include disinfection in OT and other critical areas in hospitals, F&B, and other industries. QAC based Disinfectants have a wide range of activity on bacteria, fungi and viruses.QACs are solids dissolved in liquid solutions. They do not evaporate into the air. When solutions of QACs dry they leave behind a solid residue. QACs can get in the air if they are sprayed or if mixing of solutions results in foaming or splashing.QAC Disinfectants have an important role in preventing infectious disease spread. Health care facilities, day care centers, and restaurants may be centers for transmission of bacterial and viral illnesses where use of disinfectants is important.

CHEMTEX'S QAC Disinfectants is a blend of cationic quaternary compounds (QACs) and low foaming surfactants for disinfection and cleaning properties. For OPC operations, CHEMTEX'S QAC based disinfectant should be ideally used at concentrations from 0.1 - 2.0% v/v depending upon the type of application and soiling followed with thorough rinsing with water.

Key Features and Benefits
  • OPC (Open Plant Cleaning) of SS, MS, Aluminium, Rubber, Plastic, Fibreglass, etc.
  • Floors, Walls, Food Contact Surfaces, Crates, etc.
  • Equipments, Utensils, Tanks
  • Suitable For Meat And Poultry Processors

QAC Surface Disinfectant

Approx Price: Rs 390 / Kilogram 
CHEMTEX'S QAC Surface Disinfectant is a very effective chemical compound with high efficacy for killing microorganisms. It is used for versatile applications of cleaning and disinfection in multiple industries like F&B, pharma, hospitals, etc. It is effective in disinfecting instruments which are contaminated by blood and body fluids which require effective disinfection to cordon the spread of any infectious disease. QACs are solids dissolved in liquid solutions. They do not evaporate into the air. When solutions of QACs dry they leave behind a solid residue. QACs can get in the air if they are sprayed or if mixing of solutions results in foaming or splashing, forming an effective disinfection system.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Fast and effective disinfectant
  • Excellent rinsability
  • Increased effectivity even in a low concentration
  • Multiple applications
  • Does not stain or taint

Hand Rub Alcohol Based

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Kilogram 
Hand Rub alcohol based is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. It is used as a ready-to-use alcohol-based rub-in product – independently of water and wash-basin – to prevent infection in all areas of health care facilities where hygiene is important as well as in home dialysis and when travelling.It is a pioneer in the field of alcohol-based surgical hand disinfection. This product provides an excellent immediate effect and a reliable long-lasting antimicrobial activity up to six hours. Hand Rub is not only feels great on the hands, but also increases skin hydration the skin with regular use.

Key features of Hand Rub Alcohol based:
  • Broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses
  • Skin tender and and lipid replenishing
  • Increases skin hydration with regular use
  • Increased skin tolerability with long-term use
  • Fast immediate action
  • Prolonged residual effect
  • Easy to use

Surgical Hand Wash

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Kilogram 
Skin is a major source of microbial contamination in the surgical environment. The greatest threat existing in surgery is infection, and it’s very important to eradicate the same. Microorganisms transfer from the hands of health care providers to patients and vice versa; this is an important factor with regard to health-care associated infections (i.e. nosocomial infections). Although the scrubbed members of the surgical team are wearing surgical gloves and gowns, their hands and forearms are to be cleaned preoperatively to significantly reduce the number of microorganisms.

The main functions of surgical hand wash include:
  • Remove debris, soil, hand lotions, natural skin oils, and transient microorganisms from the hands and forearms of the sterile team members
  • Keep the numbers of microorganisms on the skin to an irreducible minimum
  • Reduces the risk of microbial contamination of the surgical wound by microbial florae

Glutaraldehyde with Activator

Approx Price: Rs 195 / Kilogram 
Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactured product Glutaraldehyde with Activator is a solution that serves as an effective high level disinfectant formulated specifically for flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. It can be used to disinfect a wide range of medical instruments, made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastics and elastomers.

Glutaraldehyde with Activator exhibits excellent material compatibility with heat - resistant and heat - sensitive instruments. It is suitable for all common manual and semi automatic circulation procedures as well as for the fully automatic (cold disinfection) procedure. It is also used in ultrasonic baths. It is also suitable for the reprocessing of instruments made of rubber, plastic, metal porcelain and glass.

Ortho Phthalaldehyde

Approx Price: Rs 340 / Kilogram 
Ortho Phthalaldehyde, offered by Chemtex, serves as a High-Level Disinfectant designed specifically for use in reprocessing heat-sensitive medical devices. It exhibits broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses and fungi. Ortho Phthalaldehyde offers excellent material compatibility, therefore can be used to disinfect a wide range of medical instruments made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, plastics, copper, elastomers and dental materials.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Glutaraldehyde free 
  • Highly effective 
  • Long lasting effect
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use

DDAC Based Cleaner

Approx Price: Rs 145 / kg 
DDAC based cleaner or Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride based cleaner is a fourth generation quaternary ammonium compound which belongs to the group of cationic surfactant. They break the intermolecular bond and cause disruption of lipid bilayer. This product have several biocidal applications. In addition to these applications, sometimes DDAC based cleaner is used as plant strengthners.

DDAC is used for cleaning and surface disinfection such as tables, floor, walls, equipments etc. and also for water disinfection in various applications through out food and beverage, poultry, dairy, pharmaceutical industries and institutions. A synergic combination of DDAC with ADBAC, PHMB or Glutaraldehyde is ideally suited to be used as aerial and surface disinfectant.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Exhibits excellent disinfection and detergency
  • Non-tainting for use on food contact surfaces
  • Non-corrosive to system metallurgy
  • Highly concentrated for low dosage
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable and skin-friendly

Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver Nitrate Disinfectant

Approx Price: Rs 4,900 / Barrel 
Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver Nitrate Disinfectant where Hydrogen Peroxide is stabilized with the use of silver salts like silver nitrate; this stabilized blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate proves itself as a potent and overly powerful biocide which is effective on a broad spectrum. Hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate is a widespread multipurpose disinfectant with an extensive variety of uses/ applications. The silver in hydrogen peroxide acts on the DNA, while the hydrogen peroxide is destructive on the microbial cell walls, making this hydrogen peroxide with silver work on a double stage.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate Disinfectant is one hassle free answer to all pathogen related issues. It goes about as an air fumigator for air borne pathogens, water disinfectant for water borne microorganisms, and a surface sterilizer for contaminated surfaces. A strong antibiotic, fungicide, virucide, amoebicide, algaecide, which is effective on a range of microorganisms, hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate has the much needed capacities of sterilizing air, water, soil, and surface.

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate
  • Cold sterilant
  • No efficacy gaps over multimedia
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable to water and oxygen
  • Stable over a wide pH and temperature range
  • Reduces the re-entry time from 4 hours to 1 after fumigation
  • Nontoxic with high LD50 value on mammals
  • Silver has a store and effect which enhances efficiency with a low dosage
  • Works on a short contact time

Hand Rub

Approx Price: Rs 85 / kg 
Hand Disinfection is critical against transmission of pathogens and in a way other nosocomial infections. The main purpose of hand rub is disinfection of hands reducing the microbial count, and inhibiting rapid re-growth of microorganisms. It kills 99.99% of harmful germs within 30 secs. no soap, water or towel needed.

Benefits of Hand Rub:
  • Broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses
  • Gentle on skin
  • Increases skin hydration with regular use
  • Increased skin tolerability with long-term use
  • Fast immediate action
  • Prolonged residual effect
  • Easy to use
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