Boiler Chemicals

Boiler Antiscalant

Approx Price: Rs 110 / Kilogram 
Chemtex Speciality Limited product Boiler Antiscalant includes a range of antiscalant products such as Powder Antiscalant, Boiler Sludge Conditioner, Sludge Remover, Boiler Water Phosphate Treatment, Phosphate Polymer Treatment, Sodium Tri poly Phosphate etc. These are all online boiler internal tubes treatment compound based on polymeric dispersants for sludge conditioning, poly-phosphates and polymers for scale and corrosion inhibition. It imparts excellent online cleanliness of boiler internals by preventing scale, metal ions and metal oxide deposits formation.

Boiler Antiscalant helps to prevent deposition of calcium, iron and iron-oxide. It also aids in the removal of existing scale from the water boiler. The optimum balances of products enable complete boiler online cleaning. Boiler Antiscalant contains corrosion inhibitor which forms a protective passive film over the boiler heat transfer surface. The inhibitor prevents fouling due to Iron Hydroxides, pitting and tube failures.

Boiler Chemicals

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Kilogram 
Chemtex is engaged in the formulation of a varied range of Boiler Chemicals which aid in the removal and prevention of mineral scale deposition and rusting of water or steam side of boiler internals. The range of products include - Boiler Feed water treatment chemicals, Boiler internal treatment chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, pH boosters, antiscalants, oxygen scavengers, descalants, etc.

These chemicals are used in water treatment plants, process boiler steam generation, water purification and food processing units to eliminate scales and corrosion inhibition.

Key features and Benefits

• Aid in oxidation corrosion elimination
• Help in instant oxygen removal
• Maintain precise pH value

Hydrazine Hydrate

Approx Price: Rs 220 / Kilogram 
Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives play a significant role in various applications that contribute to ensure comfort, safety and healthcare in our everyday life. Here we discuss the use of Hydrazine Hydrate as Oxygen Scavenger in Boiler water treatment. Hydrazine Hydrate is a clear colorless liquid. It generally comprises of a 80% assay product, that is used for removing dissolved oxygen in boiler treatment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Removes dissolved oxygen
  • Prevents oxidation corrosion
  • Causes mild steel passivation
  • Does not add to TDS of boiler water
  • Completely volatile

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Approx Price: Rs 80 / Kilogram 
Boiler Treatment Chemicals, offered by Chemtex Speciality Limited, are utilized to keep heat transfer surfaces free from scales and deposition. These chemical formulations are processed prudently for the removal of objectionable levels of mineral scale, metal oxide, sludge and other combinations. Our boiler treatment chemicals are available in categories including corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition.The prudently formulated chemicals are merged with unique attributes like impeccable oxidation corrosion elimination, precise pH value, instant oxygen removal, eco friendly and single feed treatment. These chemicals are used in water treatment plants, process boiler steam generation, water purification and food processing units to eliminate scales and corrosion inhibition.

The products which are catered under Boiler Treatment Chemicals are Boiler compounds, All in One Boiler Treatment Chemicals, Low and medium pressure boiler treatment and boiler antifoam. These chemicals also help to provide corrosion protection to metals during descaling and also helps in removal of loose corrosion products, dirts, clays, and silts deposits.

Boiler Cleaners

Approx Price: Rs 55 / kg 
Chemtex Speciality Limited formulated product Boiler Cleaners have been designed specifically for the maintenance of the boiler. Properly scheduled chemical cleaning procedures help in removing the deposits from the inside of boiler tubes which in turn reduces tube failures, improves the boiler heat rate, and improves the stability of boiler chemistry.

After a few years of operation, a boiler develops the need for chemical cleaning. If the cleaning is not initiated at the appropriate time, then built-in debris can get blown into the turbine and may cause damage to the control valves or blades. Boiler Cleaners, offered by Chemtex, incorporate a range of products which include various acids along with corrosion inhibitors that help in the removal of grease without affecting the base metals after the oxides and scales are removed.

Boiler Feed Chemicals

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Kilogram 
Chemtex is involved in the manufacturing of a range of Boiler Feed Chemicals that have been designed for the treatment of the boiler feed water. Boiler Feed Chemicals include products that are responsible for controlling alkalinity, maintaining pH, preventing scaling and controlling conductivity in the feed water.

Appropriate treatment of boiler feed water is crucial in operating and maintaining a boiler system. As steam is produced, dissolved solids become concentrated and form deposits inside the boiler. This results in poor heat transfer and reduction in the efficiency of the boiler. Dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen tend to react with the metals in the boiler system and results in boiler corrosion. On account of providing protection to the boiler from these contaminants, they should be controlled or removed, through external or internal treatment.

These internal and external treatment are carried out by the various Boiler Feed Chemicals formulated by Chemtex Speciality Limited, including products such as pH booster, antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, etc.


Approx Price: Rs 165 / Kilogram 
Cyclohexylamine has been primarily used for low-pressure boilers where the condensate has a long run. The BP of 134 deg C is equivalent to a boiler pressure of 30 psi. 

Cyclohexylamine has the ability to stay with condensate steam for longer runs and at various steam pressures which is not a characteristic of other neutralizing amines available. In case the amine requirement is high then there is possibility of amine carbonate deposit formation.

In this case, it is recommended that a blend of other amines be used with Cyclohexylamine for the long run and the low pressure benefits while preventing carbonate deposition. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Condensate line treatment
  • Prevent of carbon dioxide corrosion
  • Prevents formation of carbonic acid in boiler steam system
  • Does not add to TDS of boiler water
  • Completely volatile


Approx Price: Rs 265 / Kilogram 
Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactured product Hydrazine is an inorganic compound having the chemical formula N2H4. It is a colorless, flammable liquid with an ammonia-like odor. Hydrazine is mainly used as a foaming agent in preparing polymer foams, but significant applications also include its uses as a precursor to polymerization catalysts and in pharmaceuticals.


Approx Price: Rs 220 / Kilogram 
Morpholine can be referred to as an organic amine used for boiler water treatment. It increases the pH of boiler water to provide protection to the boiler against corrosion. Morpholine is an amine based formulation and does not add salt to the boiler water and thereby does not add to the TDS which results in reduced blow down and fuel savings. Morpholine can be used in all type, size and pressure of boilers.)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prevents stress cracking corrosion
  • Reduces blow down requirement
  • Does not add TDS
  • Returns to the feed line with the condensate return so raises the feed water pH
  • Saves power
  • Compatible with other treatment chemicals

Boiler Oxygen Scavenger

Approx Price: Rs 55 / Kilogram 
Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactured product Boiler Oxygen Scavenger serves as a catalyzed oxygen scavenger in liquid form based on catalyzed sodium bisulfite. It helps in the instant removal of oxygen from the boiler feed water by converting itself to sodium bisulfate and also aids in reducing alkalinity.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes or eliminates oxidation corrosion (corrosion due to presence of oxygen)
  • Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger for instant oxygen removal
  • Concentrated powder product
  • Buffers pH
  • Imparts power saving

Sodium Sulfite

Approx Price: Rs 32 / Kilogram 
Chemtex offered product Sodium Sulfite finds its primary use as an oxygen scavenger for water treatment applications. It helps in treating water that enters the steam boiler for preventing problems related to corrosion.

Sodium Sulfite, having the chemical formula of Na2SO3, is a soluble sodium salt of sulfurous acid. It helps to instantly remove oxygen from the boiler feed water by converting itself to sodium sulfate. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger for instant oxygen removal
  • Minimize or eliminates oxidation corrosion (corrosion due to presence of oxygen)
  • Buffers pH
  • Concentrated powder product
  • Imparts power saving

PH Booster Chemical

Approx Price: Rs 65 / Kilogram 
CHEMTEX'S Boiler Water pH Booster is a liquid alkaline formulation, used as an alkalinity source for boiler feed water. It is synergized with the properties of boosting pH and conditioning of water. 

Our high quality boiler water treatment chemicals work as alkalinity builders and pH adjusters that help control the specified pH levels in industrial boiler systems, hot water systems, and steam raising plant.

Our Main Features and Benefits
• Minimizes corrosion of feed water tank, lines and pump
• Imparts water and sludge conditioning to minimize scaling and deposition
• Compatible with other treatment chemicals Compatible with other treatment chemicals
• Completely biodegradable

Boiler Descalant

Approx Price: Rs 35 / Kilogram 
Chemtex’sBoiler Descalant is a powerful concentrated acid based descaling chemical used massively for boilers. It is capable of removing lime scales in boiler tubes consequently increasing thermal efficiency leading to better energy utilization. It is an acidic, corrosion inhibitor, aqueous in nature. It is an excellent solution for removing grease, oil and other thick unwanted liquids. It is an efficient descaling agent and is used for cleaning various industrial equipments and domestic appliances. It removes water and process scales from industrial equipments. Broadly these find use in the chemical and fertilizer industry, rice mills, dairy and food equipments, brewery equipment, marine equipment, sugar industry etc. Chemtex’s Boiler Descalant is non-inflammable and, unlike hydrochloric acid, does not give off unpleasant toxic fumes. The safety of Chemtex’s Boiler Descalant has been further increased by the addition of corrosion inhibitors and other chemicals to make it a versatile descaling agent which is safer still in terms of equipment corrosion and safety of personnel.

The field of descaling is wide and the exact application of Chemtex’s Online Descalant can only be determined after considering the nature and extent of scaling, and the type of equipment that is to be descaled.


Approx Price: Rs 375 / Kilogram 
Chemtex manufactured product DEHA - Diethyl Hydroxyl Amine serves as a volatile catalyzed oxygen scavenger cum condensate line treatment chemical. The formulation is based on DEHA catalyzed with hydroquinones. Diethyl Hydroxyl Amine reacts with oxygen to form acetates, nitrogen and water. It passivates the metal surfaces in the boiler, and then passes out of the boiler with the steam, and act as a metal passivating agent in the return line system.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Effective condensate line treatment and pH booster
  • Completely organic compound
  • Returns to the feed line with the condensate return so passivates total system
  • Volatile - Does not add TDS to blow down water
  • Metal passivator and rust converter
  • Non-toxic and more safe than hydrazine and carbohydrazide based chemicals
  • Compatible with other treatment chemicals
  • High rate of reaction with oxygen compared with other oxygen scavengers
  • It offers a vapor-liquid distribution ratio of 1.3 and thus distributes all along the condensate circuit, ensuring a total control of corrosion


Approx Price: Rs 165 / Kilogram 
Carbohydrazide mainly serves as an oxygen scavenger designed to be used in the boiler treatment plants, manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited. It undergoes oxidation reactions to produce water, nitrogen and urea. It functions as a passivator and helps in the reduction of metal oxides by converting ferric oxide to ferrous oxide and converting cupric oxide to cuprous oxide. It can be used as a formulation for the production of drugs, plant growth regulators, herbicides, and dyestuffs.

  • Provides instant oxygen removal.
  • Eliminates the risk of corrosion by oxygen.
  • Prevent corrosion by forming a passive coating on the metal.
  • Provides fast reaction 15% faster than hydrazine.

Applications: Beverage and Brewery, Dairy and ice cream, fishery and meat processing, edible oil, poultry and hatchery, housekeeping & laundry, paper and pulp, textile
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