Agro Chemicals

Agro Chemicals

Approx Price: Rs 350 / kg 
Chemtex Speciality Limited is involved in the manufacturing of a range of Agro Chemicals that aid in the agricultural processes which include Horticulture Disinfectants such as Silver Hydrogen Peroxide and other chemicals such as agricultural spreaders and Hydrogel. These range of chemicals function as additives for agriculture and helps in enhancing the overall production by carrying out disinfection by Silver Hydrogen Peroxide to reduce the rate of microbial infestation, aids in increasing the water retention capacity of soil with the application of Hydrogel and in the spreading of chemicals and fertilizers with the help of agricultural spreader.

Key Features and Benefits

• Agro Chemicals are multi functional
• These are biodegradable products
• No toxic harmful residues

Biodegradable Polymers

Approx Price: Rs 145 / Kilogram 
Biodegradable Polymers, offered by Chemtex, include different range of products which aid in the agricultural processes. These Biodegradable Polymers comprise of Hydrogel, a system of polymer chains that are hydrophilic in which water is the dispersion medium.

Hydrogel polymer is a water absorption agent that once added to soil or substrate will absorb and hold vast amounts of water and supplements, nearly up to 400 times its own particular weight. Hydrogel polymers likewise have a level of adaptability fundamentally same to natural tissue, because of their huge water content. Hydrogel polymer is free from nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and therefore does not produce any harmful toxins when degraded. It remains in the soil for a longer time period without causing any harm to the plantation and thereby, serves as a biodegradable polymer.

Hydrogel prevents dehydration of the seedlings, reduce transplanting shock, enhance germination, reduce mortality rates of the plants, reduces the evaporation rate of the soil, etc.

Water Absorbent Polymer

Approx Price: Rs 175 / Kilogram 
Water Absorbent Polymer, also known as Super Absorbent Polymers, can be referred to as polyacrylate polymers that have the capacity to absorb higher amount of water. The ability of the Water Absorbent Polymer to absorb moisture depends on the ionic concentration of the aqueous solution. Water Absorbent Polymers find its use in various applications. 

The total absorbing and swelling capacity of the polymer gets controlled by the type and degree of cross-linkers that are used to make the gel. Low-density cross-linked Water Absorbent Polymer generally shows a higher absorbent capacity and swell to a larger degree. Water-absorbing polymers, which are considered as hydrogels when cross-linked, absorb aqueous solutions with the aid of hydrogen bonding with water molecules. Chemtex Speciality Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of water absorbent polymer. Chemtex's greatest business vitality and strength are its technical and manufacturing knowledge and a well developed technical service team having its facility in India.

Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Approx Price: Rs 4,900 / Barrel 
Hydrogen peroxide and Nano Silver particles provide high efficacy in killing of microorganisms in almost all possible applications such as soil, water, air and surface. This combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver is about twenty times more powerful than hydrogen peroxide alone.

The main highlights of this biodegradable disinfectant are:

• Eco-friendly, degrading to water and oxygen
• Multifunctional, finding a wide range of applications
• Multimedia sanitation (Air, Water, Soil, Surface)
• Nontoxic on humans and the environment
• Cold sterilant, not requiring any heat for disinfection
• Non foaming nature
• No Water Rinsing after application
Applications of Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide can be categorized as:
• Air Fumigation to safely disinfect critical areas like Hospital wards, OTs, incubators, to prevent air borne infections
• Soil Disinfection by spray, drip, drench, and fumigation with silver hydrogen peroxide is both prevention and cure for plant related diseases
• Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is FDA approved to be a potable water disinfectant
• Surfaces are efficiently sanitized by spraying or dipping, finding use in various industries like F&B, Dairy, Brewery, etc.

Alsta Hydrogel

Approx Price: Rs 575 / Kilogram 
Hydrogel or water absorbing polymers once added to the soil or substrate absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients, nearly up to 400 times its own weight.
This aqua absorbent of water acts as a mini water reservoir and will only use this reserved water at the time of need, allowing a better agricultural yield. Hydrogel has a unique mechanism of absorbing and retaining water, discharging it only when needed, so the crops do not lose out on a stable supply of water and nutrients.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increase in water holding capacity of the soil
  • Limits water and nutrient loss through soil leaching
  • Reduces evaporation by locking water
  • Improves the physical properties of soil by enhancing aeration (airflow)
  • Enhances plant growth by providing water and nutrients to the root zone of the plants
  • Long term protection of environment against drought and groundwater contamination

Hydrogel uses:

  • Prevent dehydration of the seedlings
  • Reduce transplanting shock and thereby reducing mortality rate of the plants
  • Mixed with cellulose mulch, it helps stable newly graded soils which are able to maintain a minimum amount of surface water
  • Used in large scale farming where it increases soil aeration enhancing germination and development of roots
  • When mixed with fertilizers, it can stably provide fertile nutrients to the roots for a longer period

Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Approx Price: Rs 175 / kg 
Potassium polyacrylate (Potassium based Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture) is a nontoxic homo-polymer that is able to absorb and inflate nearly 300 — 500 times of its size in water. When sown at the roots of a plant, it can save nearly 65 – 95% of the water used. Its application is fundamental yet highly effective. Super Absorbent Polymer with astounding water absorption quality is a eco-friendly item for agricultural purposes. 
Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture is effective for water utilization in agricultural and horticultural crops in areas with little or no rainfall and under limited irrigation conditions. It offers huge economic viability to open cultivation and is a boon to dry states and rain-fed agriculture.

Key features of Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture are as follows:

  • Nontoxic and Eco-friendly 
  • Odourless Colourless 
  • Reduces irrigation frequency by half
  • Enhances air circulation
  • Increases water retention capacity of soil 
  • Extends plant life with slow release of nutrients over time 
  • Reduces evaporation from soil 
  • High utilization of fertilizers by 15 - 20%
  • Releases water only when needed
  • Stabilizes recently graded soils

Agriculture Adjuvant

Approx Price: Rs 280 / Kilogram 
Agriculture Adjuvant is a superspreading surfactant based on Trisiloxane Ethoxylate. Adjuvants provide increased spread, rapid uptake of agrofertilizers. It reduces the surface tension and contact angle helping in an effective spread.
Agriculture Adjuvant functions as an efficient tank side adjuvant in the pH range of 5 – 8 and when used within 24 hours of preparation. Adjuvant is nonionic in nature making it useful within a broad range of agrochemical forumulations.

The main application areas are:

  • Growth regulators
  • Herbicide
  • Insecticide
  • Fertilizer

Key features of Chemtex’s Agriculture Adjuvant:

  • Increased spread
  • Reduces spray volume
  • Rapid nutrient uptake
  • Improved spray coverage
  • Nonionic in nature
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